Happy National Diatomaceous Earth Day!

National Diatomaceous Earth Day: The Many Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Some people get excited about National Salad Day. Everyone looks forward to celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. At Dicalite Management Group, we have a favorite day to celebrate by far: National Diatomaceous Earth Day. Unlike International Dog Day and Eat Something on a Stick Day, many people don’t know how to celebrate DE’s day. It’s simple, and we’re here to help you honor it. All you have to do is learn more about diatomaceous earth. Ready to celebrate? Read on.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth, also known as diatomite and DE, is the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms—single-celled aquatic algae. Diatomite consists of billions of minute silica frameworks. The frustules are strong and support intricate internal frameworks with maximum void space.

How is Diatomaceous Earth Used?

  • Filtration: Used to filter sugar syrups, beer, fruit juices, wine, pool water, chemicals and more
  • Cement: Increases the silica content and creates a lighter-weight product
  • Fillers: Added to paint as a whitening agent, improves adhesion resistance in many rubber products, and more
  • Natural Insecticide: Causes pests to die of dehydration
  • Absorbents: Aids in the cleanup and removal of liquid, including chemical spills
  • Soil Amendment: Used as a growing medium in hydroponic gardens and is added to soil to help aeration
  • Abrasive: With gentle abrasive properties, it’s added to toothpaste, facial scrubs, and metal polishes
  • Agriculture: Prevents caking of animal feed, wicks moisture from seeds, and can be used to keep pests away

Take Your Diatomaceous Earth Day Celebration a Step Further.

Request your free sample. Dicalite Management Group is the leading supplier of diatomaceous earth because we are vertically integrated—from our mine to our manufacturing site and from our team to your hands. Our sales and technical services team work together to help you get the right product for your application. Call us today at 866-728-3303.

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