The Connection Between Cannabis and Minerals

The Connection Between Minerals and Cannabis

Pancakes and syrup. Wine and cheese. Summer days and the pool. Some things just go together. The same is true for a pair you might not think about: cannabis and minerals. While they seem completely separate at first glance, there’s a good reason they make an admirable duo. Perlite and diatomaceous earth can help marijuana plants thrive more than other soil amendments. Read on to learn more about the connection between cannabis and minerals.

The Connection Between Cannabis and Minerals

Ideal Cannabis Growing Soil Conditions

One of the biggest factors in cannabis growing success is the soil condition. To support healthy growth, marijuana should be planted in soil with these properties:

  • Texture: Cannabis thrives in soil that has a light and loose texture because it ensures oxygen can reach the root zone.
  • Drainage: Cannabis plants require excellent drainage and do poorly in over-saturated soil. If they are overwatered, they can become sick, produce smaller yields, or even die.
  • Water retention: While the roots shouldn’t be soaked, your cannabis plants do need adequate moisture. Creating a soil mix that can hold water without flooding the roots is essential.
  • pH value: Cannabis is known for its pH sensitivity. An ideal soil for marijuana has a pH of 5.8-6.3.
  • Nutrients: Like other plants, cannabis has certain macronutrient and secondary nutrient requirements to help during different stages of life.

Two Minerals Support Healthy Cannabis Growth

Minerals support cannabis growth by creating a healthy growing environment through the soil. Perlite and diatomaceous earth are key players in achieving this.


Perlite is formed by molten (magmatic) rock, also known as volcanic glass. Expanded perlite particles are lightweight and insulated glass bubbles that can hold water and air. This provides many benefits for hemp growers:

  • Retains water in three ways: In between individual grains, in channels leading to the cores of the grains, and on the highly irregular surfaces of each particle.
  • It allows you to feed your plant more. Because the perlite particles hold water, it aids in draining, which allows you to give your plant more nutrients. Efficient draining also keeps roots very oxygenated.
  • It’s lightweight. Because of its light weight—especially compared to other soil aggregates—perlite is easy to transport and mix.
  • It’s stable for indoor and outdoor use. Add it to your outdoor plants, indoor pots, and even hydroponic gardens.
  • It’s mixable. It mixes easily with soil and other amendments.
  • It’s sterile and chemically inert. Growing with perlite promotes only the healthiest of root systems, ensuring a pest, and disease-free environment.

Diatomaceous Earth: Two-for-One Benefits

Diatomaceous earth is the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms. It provides numerous benefits for plants, including:

  • Improved soil conditions: Diatomaceous earth adds matrixes to the soil to increase soil moisture without waterlogging. There is also increased uptake of key nutrients during the wet period when nutrients are typically leached away from the root zone.
  • Soluble silica content: In addition to supporting healthy growing conditions, diatomaceous earth supplies plants with soluble silicon content, strengthening plants to the cellular level. This helps plants withstand abiotic stressors like drought and windy conditions.

Two Ways to Improve Cannabis Growth with Minerals

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix

Harvest Hero is Dicalite Management Group‘s direct-to-consumer brand that enables everyone to grow healthy plants with help from minerals. Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix is a soilless growing medium and fertilizer formulated with a proprietary, 3-in-1 blend of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients that have changed the hemp-growing media landscape by improving soil quality for a robust yield.

With the many benefits of perlite, diatomaceous earth, essential macronutrients, and a neutral pH, Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix shows great success in cannabis growth. Compared to a traditional control group of a perlite and peat moss, Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix resulted in:

  • Improve Soil Conditions for an Increase in flower bud dry weight.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in CBD yields.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in plant diameter.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in plant height.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in nitrogen accumulation.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in phosphorous accumulation.
  • Improve Soil Conditions for an increase in potassium accumulation.

Buying Minerals in Bulk? Buy from the Source.

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