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DE Fillers

DICALITE® Diatomite functional fillers are produced from diatomaceous earth, a versatile and valuable raw material.

Diatomite is more than just a crystal or mineral that formed in a rock. It consists of delicately constructed silica skeletons grown by uncounted microscopic organisms, each with its own design. Deposits of these skeletons are collection of solid and perforated rods, disks and hemispheres, crescents and polygons. Because of their unusual physical structure the particles interlace and overlay in a random, three-dimensional matrix which stiffens, reinforces and improves the durability of filled systems. This myriad of shapes also offers major advantages in terms of low density and high absorption.

Dicalite Minerals, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the world that manufactures a complete line of Diatomite functional fillers. Dicalite Minerals owns and operates two Diatomite Mines ensuring our own supply and quality control. These fillers are grouped into three categories based on the nature of the processing. Products are classified according to color, surface area, hardness and the particle characteristics.

The effective density of DICALITE diatomite fillers, 1.98 to 2.33 gm/cc, is among the lowest of any mineral filler. Diatomite occupies up to 30% more volume per pound than most competing minerals. This advantage is critical in those applications requiring light weighting.

To find out more about which grade of DICALITE diatomite fillers is right for your needs, contact us.

Diatomaceous Earth

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