Household, Industrial & Institutional (HI&I)

Diatomaceous Earth is Used as a Lightweight, Inert Filler various HI&I Applications

DE Functional FillersFlux-calcined and Natural Diatomaceous Earth fillers are made in the USA and suitable for a large number and variety of household, Industrial & Institutional (HI&I), uses, including the paint and coatings applications. The combination high brightness, irregular structure, and high absorption produces good flattening efficiency and excellent pigment suspension. The primary function of these products is to economically produce low gloss and sheen control in all coating systems, particularly in flat wall paints. Diatomaceous earth is an ideal replacement for more expensive, high brightness prime pigments with no loss in hiding power. Diatomaceous earth filler applications are numerous, including:

Flattening Agent

In paint, diatomaceous earth fillers are used as a flattening agent. Diatomaceous earth alters gloss and sheen, extends primary pigments, adds bulk and strength, and enhances coating adhesion. It can also be added as a whitening agent and extender where titanium dioxide must be minimized.

Antiblocking Agent

In plastics, diatomaceous earth fillers serve as an anti-blocking agent in polyethylene plastic, which helps in the separation of plastic sheets in manufacturing.

Anti-Stick Agent

It is used as a filler and anti-stick agent in asphalt shingles.

Improved Adhesion-Resistance

In many rubber products, diatomaceous earth is used as a filler to improve adhesion resistance.

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