Industrial Perlite Grades

Industrial PerliteOur industrial grade perlites can be used in any application where an inert, lightweight filler is required. Some applications for our industrial perlite products include:

  • Insulation
  • Paint texturing
  • Plaster and concrete fillers
  • Building materials fillers
  • Formed insulation
  • Shaped materials
  • Field conditioners, like soil porosity enhancement
  • Fireproofing

We process our perlite ore at expansion facilities across the US to minimize the freight costs to your location. We can even produce custom grades for your application, and if it meets minimum required volumes, most of our products can be produced at any of our perlite expansion plants.

Dicaperl industrial perlite grades
Product Production Facility Applications
Permalite (Blockfil) Nashville, TN Loose fill insulation
Con-Agg Crawfordsville, IN Concrete Aggregate
CS-1250,1650 Fallon, NV; Noble, OK Lightweight Filler
CS-2050,2450 Fallon, NV; Noble, OK Lightweight Filler
50-DP Fallon, NV; Noble, OK Coated Lightweight Filler
CS2030 Nashville, TN Coarse Lightweight Filler
CS3030 Nashville, TN Coarse Lightweight Filler


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