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Perlite Ores

Dicaperl Minerals Corp. owns and operates two of the most extensive perlite mining operations in North America- the Nu-Alexite and Socorro perlite deposits, both located in New Mexico, U.S.A.. Currently, the Nu-Alexite deposit is used exclusively for internal company perlite ore production, and the Socorro deposit provides perlite ore for both our internal, and external customers. Both perlite mines have rail access to provide economical transportation to our customers. Dicaperl Perlite Ores are used by Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and recognized as some of the finest deposits of their type in the world.

Perlite Ore is formed by magmatic (“liquid rock”) processes, usually in “domes”,that over geologic time periods entrap water into the Perlite matrix. The mechanism through which this occurs is not completely understood, however, it is this entrapped water which gives perlite ore it’s unique ability to “Pop” under proper high temperature conditions. The Socorro deposit has proven reserves of over 10,000,000 tons and is unique in that it is believed to be the deepest known perlite deposit in the world. These characteristics give the “expanded” and processed Socorro ore unmatched quality and consistency.

Perlite in it’s unprocessed state is surface mined and is usually light gray in color. All perlite ore contains low crystalline silica contents in comparison with other industrial minerals.

Unlike most perlite companies, Dicaperl Minerals owns and operates BOTH perlite ore mining operations AND processing and expansion facilities. This allow us to maintain a much higher level of quality control and ensures volume and supply for our expanded perlite customers. With proven reserves of several hundred years, you can count on Dicaperl Minerals for your Perlite Ore supplies.


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