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In February, Dicalite will introduce Harvest Hero, its first direct-to-consumer product offering focused on growing media and soil amendments that are engineered for superior performance and maximum yield.

The consumer led movement towards legalization of cannabis in the United States, in combination with the rapidly growing demand for at-home growing and gardening, have increased the need for superior performing soil amendments.  Harvest Hero plans to roll out several horticultural products in 2021, starting with a patent-pending Enhanced Perlite Mix that has proven to significantly improve plant yield.

Harvest Hero

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Vertically Integrated: From Mine to Application

Socorro, NMDicalite Management Group is an international industrial minerals company with a unique multi-mineral platform including perlite, vermiculite, and diatomaceous earth, represented across three brands: Dicalite, Dicaperl, and Specialty Vermiculite. These processed minerals are used in wide variety of applications, and people are often only a few feet from a product created, enhanced, or treated by one of them.

We have 16 facilities across North America and Europe so we can provide better, faster service for our customers. With unequaled number of geographically dispersed processing sites and large ore reserves, we are the most vertically integrated supplier in our industry.

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