Cryonics: Where Sci-Fi and Reality Meet

What if you could reunite with loved ones lost? What if you could “press pause” and wait for a medical breakthrough? How about form a relationship with your great, great, great grandchildren? Would you? If this sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi story, it’s not. These are actual ambitions of the Cryonics Institute.

Cryonics involves cooling legally dead people to liquid nitrogen temperature where physical decay essentially stops. A person held in such a state is said to be a “cryopreserved patient,” because the institute does not regard the cryopreserved person as being inevitably “dead.” Currently, the Cryonics Institute has over 150 patients and around 1,500 members (future patients).

Why Cryonics?

Visit the Cryonics Institute website, and you will be amazed by what this organization has made possible and the applications that make the service invaluable.

Live and Love Longer

Cryonics can renew youth, extend lifespan, and give you the opportunity to extend your time with your family. You’ll even have the chance to witness the marvels of the future, like space travel.

Wait for Medical Advancements

Right now, you or a loved one might have an incurable, fatal disease. What if you could wait for medical advancements that would allow you to be cured? A cryopreserved patient can.

Emergency Care

When it comes to time, emergency crews have none to waste. Imagine how many lives would be saved if a person-in-need could be “frozen in time” until they get to the hospital for further care. The Cryonics Institute is working to provide this solution.

Success Relies on Future Science

At this time, there is no way to “wake up” cryopreserved patients. The Cryonics Institute relies on the theory that scientific and medical advancements will provide a solution. And when the time is right—which may vary person to person—the patient will live again.

Cryonics Institute president, Dennis Kowalski, explains, “At best we are preserving life. At the least, we are advancing science by showing what is or isn’t possible. After all, that’s what science is all about.”

How Dicalite Management Group Fits in the Cryonics Story

Kowalski describes it best, “Thank you Dicalite for providing the cryogenic grade perlite that we use in cryonics. Many people do not know that we do not use electrical refrigeration systems to store our patients. We use highly efficient custom fabricated cryostats that use a vacuum and a backup layer of perlite to provide insulation. No need for electricity. The efficiency provided allow us to keep bodies at liquid nitrogen temperatures for many months before substantial boil off. No mechanical systems to wear out over the next 100 or more years. We appreciate the product and your help in pursuing these goals.”

Our Other Cryogenic Perlite Applications

Dicalite Management Group is uniquely positioned to provide cryogenic perlite installations worldwide through our Chemrock Cryogenics division. Our team travels all over North America and Europe to provide expanded perlite for non-evacuated, cryogenic, and low-temperature services. With more than 1,000 successful installations, we have the experience and capabilities to meet the insulation requirements of storage tanks, cold boxes, ships, and other doubled-walled vessels and pipes.

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