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It’s a new year and Dicalite already has a full schedule of trade shows to attend. See where we’ll be throughout 2024, and learn how our range of products and services support each organization’s cause.

Pool & Spa Show

The first show of the season is the Northeast Spa & Pool Association’s Pool & Spa Show, happening from January 23-25 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) serves as an integral resource for the industry. From professional networking events to answering consumer questions, NESPA keeps the Northeast up to speed on all things pool and spa related, including product and safety information related to filtration. Whether there’s a code requirement for public facilities or inspection issues at a residential job site, NESPA is available to help find a solution.

Dicalite knows all about pool filtration options. We’re excited to talk with show attendees about environmentally friendly filtration aids including recycled glass and minerals such as diatomaceous earth and perlite. As a supplier of these minerals, we’re equipped to provide both large and small businesses with the materials they need to help keep pool water pure.

Clean Fuels Conference

From February 4-8, Dicalite will be in Fort Worth, Texas as an exhibitor at the Clean Fuels Conference. Attendees of the conference are passionate about finding sustainable solutions for fueling products from sea to sky. Feedstock providers network with biodiesel producers and educate fleet managers on finding a cleaner solution to power a greener tomorrow.

Visit Dicalite in Booth 9 to discuss our natural mineral options for the renewable biofuels market. Our diatomaceous earth and perlite minerals help filter feedstock choices including animal oil and fats. We’re looking forward to connecting with industry leaders as a united front in this important Clean Fuels initiative.

AOCS Annual Meeting

The American Oil and Chemists Society (AOCS) meeting will be held in Quebec, Canada on April 28th to May 1st. This expo is where a diverse group of chemists, engineers, and researchers convene to discuss the science and technology behind fats, oils, surfactants, and other related materials. This year’s theme, Beyond Chemistry: Solving Complex Problems Together, will also address global issues and how to help find better solutions that benefit the greater good.

Dicalite is also an exhibitor at this event and will be highlighting how our products enhance industrial applications. Stop by Booth 421 to learn how we use perlite and vermiculite in friction linings, high-temperature insulation, mine sealants, and more. The low bulk density and high surface areas of these minerals set them apart from other common chemical carriers.

Cultivate 2024

AmericanHort will be hosting this year’s Cultivate Conference in Columbus, Ohio from July 13-16. Here’s where experts, entrepreneurs, and growers unite to explore the future of agriculture technology. Attendees discover how real-world problems are solved with advances in AgTech and how these innovations can help, literally, grow their business. There are many opportunities for public-private partnerships to sprout during this event.

This will be Dicalite’s fourth year exhibiting at the conference with our direct to consumer line, Harvest Hero. Visit us at Booth 2009 to learn about our range of soil and soilless substrates of diatomaceous earth and perlite that help growers produce a more robust crop.  Not only do we make these minerals available to horticulture markets, but we’re able to maintain a high level of quality by owning and operating the facilities used to produce the product.

Can’t Visit Dicalite at the Trade Shows?

Even if you don’t plan on attending any of the conferences mentioned above, there’s still a way to benefit from the products and services Dicalite provides. Contact us to learn more about our unique multi-mineral platform and how it enhances performance in a variety of markets.

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