Calcined Diatomaceous Earth

Filter Agent

Calcined Diatomaceous EarthCalcined diatomaceous earth has been treated at a temperature above 1500F to agglomerate the exoskeletons of the diatoms in order to create a range of permeabilities for better filtering agents. While it is used primarily as a fine filter aid, it has many other uses.

The characteristic color of calcined diatomaceous earth comes from the oxidation of iron during calcination; it is sometimes referred to as “Pinks” for this reason. Our natural grades are off-white.

We produce our calcined DE at two locations: Basalt, Nevada and Burney, California. We can ship to your worldwide location by utilizing our close US West Coast shipping ports.

Dicalite Calcined Grades

Product Permeability (Darcies) Production Facility Application
215 0.03 Basalt, NV Ultra-Fine filtration
Superaid 0.03-0.06 Basalt, NV Ultra-Fine filtration
UF 0.06-0.13 Basalt, NV Fine Filtration
Speedflow 0.13-0.27 Basalt, NV; Burney, CA Fine Filtration
231 0.27-0.43 Basalt, NV; Burney, CA Fine Filtration

A World of Filtration Experience

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