Calcined Diatomaceous Earth

Filter Agent

Calcined Diatomaceous EarthCalcined diatomaceous earth has been treated at a temperature above 1500F to agglomerate the exoskeletons of the diatoms in order to create a range of permeabilities for better filtering agents. While it is used primarily as a fine filter aid, it has many other uses.

The characteristic color of calcined diatomaceous earth comes from the oxidation of iron during calcination; it is sometimes referred to as “Pinks” for this reason. Our natural grades are off-white.

We produce our calcined DE at two locations: Basalt, Nevada and Burney, California. We can ship to your worldwide location by utilizing our close US West Coast shipping ports.

Dicalite Calcined Grades

ProductPermeability (Darcies)Production FacilityApplication
2150.03Basalt, NVUltra-Fine filtration
Superaid0.03-0.06Basalt, NVUltra-Fine filtration
UF0.06-0.13Basalt, NVFine Filtration
Speedflow0.13-0.27Basalt, NV; Burney, CAFine Filtration
2310.27-0.43Basalt, NV; Burney, CAFine Filtration

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