Natural Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous earth is a naturally formed sedimentary mineral coming from the remains of unicellular shells and algae known as diatoms. For many uses, diatomaceous earth is processed to give it new, useful properties, but natural diatomaceous earth has its own benefits and uses, including:

  • Inert fillers
  • Seed coating
  • Fabrics
  • Oil drilling muds
  • Desiccant (absorbent)
  • Natural feed additive
  • Polishing compounds as a mild abrasive
  • Natural soil amendment

Our Natural Diatomaceous Earth Meets the NOP (National Organic Program) Standards

It is sourced from our Basalt, Nevada facility and is dried and sized without further processing and sold in its natural form.

Dicalite calcined grades
Product MPD(um) Production Facility Application
104 <5 Basalt, NV Polishing
SA3,CA3 10-13 Basalt, NV Polishing, Seed Coating
183, BP5 10-15 Basalt, NV Dessicants
D4 13-18 Basalt, NV Abrasive
D4AFA 13-18 Basalt, NV Animal Feed Additive
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