A World of Filtration Experience: A Free eBook

Your Complete Guide to Filter Aid Filtration

World of Filtration ExperienceFiltration is the separation of solids from liquids by forcing fluid to flow through a porous medium. Filtration requires a filter aid, which is a finely divided material that removes solids and controls flow. In this eBook, we take a closer look at depth filtration—a mechanical process utilizing a filter media—with diatomaceous earth, perlite, and cellulose.

Three Things You’ll Learn by Reading This Free eBook

1. What Makes a Good Filtration Medium

Find out how depth filtration works and what you should require of your filter media.

2. Your Filtration Options

We take a closer look at the benefits and applications of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and cellulose as filter mediums.

3. How to Use These Filtration Mediums

Learn about your rotary vacuum precoat, pressure filtration, and what to consider when selecting your grade.

A World of Filtration Experience

A free eBook about using diatomaceous earth, perlite, and cellulose for depth filtration. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What makes a good filtration medium
  • Your filtration options
  • And how to use these filtration mediums
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