Crawfordsville, Indiana

Dicalite Management Group, Crawfordsville, Indiana facility produces Dicalite and Dicaperl expanded perlite products such as Perlite Filter Aids and Perlite Industrial Fillers for use in food grade filtration. The facility also produces our industry leading Aerosoil Horticultural perlite for growing and horticulture applications.

Dicaperl’s Industrial Fillers include:

  • Abrasives
  • Aggregates for concrete products
  • Coatings
  • Coarse and Fine grades perlite industrial fillers used for construction applications

Contact your regional sales representative for further information on our Crawfordsville expanded perlite products or to request more information.

Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • 2510 N Concord Rd
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933, USA
  • Customer Service

Sales Contacts

Central U.S.
Gary Smith

Dicalite Europe
Holger Grosser

Dicalite Export Sales Manager

East/South East Region U.S.
Zachary Galberd

Latin & South Americas
Vêneto Mercantil Ltda.
+55 54 3297 6200

MicroLite Sales
Matt Goecker

Northeast U.S. & Eastern Canada
John H. Polychronopoulos

Western U.S., Asia, Latin & South Americas & Western Canada
Troy Paige

US Great Lakes Region
Zachary Galberd

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