Phoenix, Arizona

The Dicalite Management Group, Phoenix Arizona facility is comprised of roughly 80,000 square feet with approximately 100% of the area covered by impervious surface. The facility manufactures expanded vermiculite products used for thermal insulation, masonry construction, and horticultural growing media. In addition to vermiculite, the facility also expands perlite for horticultural use. Located in Phoenix, Arizona in Maricopa County, the operation of this facility is in standard Industrial classification code (SIC) 3295, minerals and earths, ground or otherwise treated. Plant managers place a strong emphasis on safety at the workplace by enforcing general facility-wide best management practices including housekeeping, period visual inspections, preventive maintenance, and when necessary, implement of spill prevention and response plans. The aforementioned safety policies and procedures enable employees to produce a quality and timely product in a safe work environment.

  • 4220 West Glenrosa Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85019, USA
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Western U.S., Asia, Latin & South Americas & Western Canada
Troy Paige

Latin & South Americas
Vêneto Mercantil Ltda.
+55 54 3297 6200

US Great Lakes Region
Gary Smith

East/South East Region U.S.
Zachary Galberd

MicroLite Sales
Matt Goecker

Northeast U.S. & Eastern Canada
John H. Polychronopoulos

Central U.S.
Gary Smith

Dicalite Europe
Holger Großer

Dicalite Export Sales Manager

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