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The Dicalite Management Group, Socorro, New Mexico mine is considered to be one of the largest perlite deposits in the world.

This plant produces only crushed and sized perlite ore. The various ore products that are sold at Socorro are the result of controlled crushing and sizing to specified grades. The coarser grades of perlite ore are typically used as horticultural additives, while the medium sizes are often expanded into aggregate and building products, and the finest sizes are mostly used in the filtration market.

Some of the specific end-uses of perlite are:

  • Horticulture—soil additive, loosens heavy soil and provides good root base
  • Construction—acoustical tiles, insulation boards, lightweight plasters and lightweight aggregate
  • Filter aid—pharmaceuticals, wastewater, and other liquids
  • Functional Filler—carrier of herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers

Quality, Control, and Consistency

While all perlite ore mines are unique, Socorro is believed to be the deepest known commercial perlite ore deposit in the world. This characteristic, among others, make the deposit consistent in quality throughout the mining area. Because Dicalite Management Group owns and operates our own perlite ore mine, we can guarantee supply and quality to all our ore expansion plants.

  • Socorro has over 60 years of active and proven perlite ore reserves (over 15,000,000 tons)
  • Socorro has total perlite ore processing capabilities of 250,000 tons per year
  • Current demand is approximately 180,000 tons per year with approximately 70,000 tons per year of excess capacity
  • New Mexico’s dry climate ensures year-round processing and mining capabilities. Surface moisture of ore averages <5%
  • The Dicalite Management Group invested over $3MM USD in equipment, infrastructure, and processing over the last decade to ensure constant improvement of the process

Our History

Located four miles southwest of the city of Socorro, this deposit was the first source of New Mexico perlite when it opened in 1949, just two years after the perlite industry experienced very rapid growth. Production halted in 1961 when market conditions changed. The demand increased again, and in 1975, the Socorro location had a brand new plant, and we were back in production again.

  • 1900 Grefco Road
    Socorro, NM 87801, USA
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