Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Dicalite Management Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba facility is located in Pacific Industrial park, in the west end of Winnipeg. Our Winnipeg facility is uniquely positioned to supply expand horticultural perlite and perlite filter aids, as well as horticultural vermiculite due to the growth and demand of the horticultural market in Canada. In fact, in 2014 a brand new perlite expander was installed and became fully operational in January of 2015. With the recent upgrades to equipment and technology, Winnipeg’s horticultural perlite production capacity is now at a staggering 1.5 x 1,000,000 cubic feet per year.

  • 1140 Pacific Ave
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 1G6, Canada
  • Customer Service

Sales Contacts

Western U.S., Asia, Latin & South Americas & Western Canada
Troy Paige

Latin & South Americas
Vêneto Mercantil Ltda.
+55 54 3297 6200

US Great Lakes Region
Gary Smith

East/South East Region U.S.
Zachary Galberd

MicroLite Sales
Matt Goecker

Northeast U.S. & Eastern Canada
John H. Polychronopoulos

Central U.S.
Gary Smith

Dicalite Europe
Holger Großer

Dicalite Export Sales Manager

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