Our processed minerals are highly valued as superior insulators in a variety of construction applications.

Our perlite is lightweight and heat resistant and is valued as a superior insulator for its energy savings, easy installation, and non-combustible fire ratings. Perlite as an insulator can drastically reduce heat transmission through masonry walls, fill crevices and mortar areas in masonry walls.

Common Uses for Perlite as an Insulator include:

  • Chimney lining
  • Concrete pool base for in-ground vinyl pools
  • Cryogenics
  • Floor systems
  • Masonry stones
  • Metal decks
  • Roofing
  • Underground pipe and ducting concrete

There are numerous benefits when using perlite as a filler such as:

Energy savings

Dicaperl’s masonry fill insulation can drastically reduce heat transmission through masonry walls through its unique closed cell structure. Thermal performance tests show significant energy savings when perlite is used to fill cavities in concrete masonry structures.

Easy installation

Dicaperl’s perlite masonry fill insulation is field installed following the layering of several courses of block and it doesn’t interfere with masonry contractor or subject to damage in handling. No special equipment or skills are required to properly insulate a masonry wall.


Our perlite masonry fill insulation is a permanent and efficient insulation and provides energy saving dividends year-after-year for the life of the structure.

Fills voids and cavities

A key to perlite’s performance is its ability to seek out and completely fill all crevices, voids, and mortar areas in a masonry wall without bridging. This flowability characteristic assures a completely and efficiently insulated wall. Perlite masonry fill insulation is a permanent insulation that will last the life of the structure.


Dicaperl’s perlite masonry fill insulation is permanent and will not rot or otherwise decompose. It’s also termite, rodent, and vermin resistant and won’t support fungus growth.

Non-combustible and fire ratings

Our perlite is the perfect product for insulating stairwells and elevator shafts, and it doesn’t generate fumes when heated. Tests show that a 2- hour rating of 8”, 10”, or 12” concrete block wall is improved up to 4 hours when cores are filled with perlite masonry fill insulation.

If you’re a contractor, builder, or company interested in learning more about:

  • Masonry Insulation Installation Guide
  • Perlite Masonry Fill Insulation Properties and Benefits
  • R and U-values for Concrete Block Assembles with and without Perlite
  • Thermal Resistance Values for Veneer and Cavity Wall Calculations

Download our Perlite Loose-Fill Masonry Insulation Guide.

Masonry Insulation

Insulate Masonry Wall Cores or Cavities

Masonry Insulation is free-flowing vermiculite used to insulate masonry wall cores or cavities.

It is lightweight, free-flowing, inorganic, and specially treated for water repellency. In addition, it increases the fire resistance rating and sound transmission classification of the wall system. Specially treated Masonry Insulation even eliminates moisture condensation.

No Time? No Problem

Masonry Insulation may be stored indefinitely. Plus, when installed with manufacturer’s recommendations, it does not require maintenance.

Perlite Insulating Concrete Pool Base for in-ground vinyl pools

A perlite insulating concrete pool base can substantially reduce heat loss to the ground

Perlite insulating concrete pool base can substantially reduce heat loss to the ground thus keeping pool water warmer for a longer swimming season. This will reduce energy costs when pool water is heated. In addition, perlite pool base provides a firm, smooth, foundation that prolongs the life of vinyl liners.

Download our Perlite Insulating Concrete Pool Base guide for mixing procedures and typical mix formulations for perlite aggregate insulating concrete.

And to learn more about Vermiculite as a Concrete Pool Base Aggregate (CPBA), download our Professional Installers' Guide.

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