Vermiculite is used as a carrier and bulking agent across many industries, thanks to many of its renowned properties, including:

High Absorbency

Expanded vermiculite is highly absorbent and capable of wicking fluid and attracting nutrients.

Light Weight

Vermiculite adds mass to a product without the heavy weight of many other bulking agents. This increases ease of application and can help save on transportation and labor costs.


It won’t rot, mold, or decay—essential requirements for carrier and bulking agents.

Uses of Vermiculite as a Carrier and Bulking Agent


This highly absorbent material is often used as a carrier for liquid and solid fertilizers and chemicals. It helps ensure the products are dispersed evenly.


It is used for industrial waste clean-up and packaging for hazardous chemicals.

Animal Feed

It is a magnet for nutrients and can enhance animal food products so animals have a more nutrient-dense diet.

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