Whether agriculturists use diatomaceous earth for soil amendment, as a desiccant, or as an anti-caking mechanism for animal feed, the consensus is clear: diatomaceous earth is an essential mineral. And it can be coated on pre-planted seeds to encourage optimum dispersion and growth.

When used as a high-performance seed coating, natural diatomaceous earth can be a key to a crop’s success because it helps increase seed size and shape, allowing for mechanical planting. In addition, the diatomaceous earth will help hold and absorb moisture promoting seed germination.

Increases Resilience

A thin coating of diatomaceous earth increases resilience of  larger crop seeds from breaking. It also prevents issues caused by moisture during storage.

Increases Seed Size

Thick diatomaceous earth seed coatings help make very small seeds—like poppy seeds or mint seeds—large enough for mechanical planting.

Key to a Crop’s Success

When used as a high-performance seed coating, Natural diatomaceous earth can be a key to a crop’s success.

Optimizes Soil Conditions

The diatomaceous earth retains applied moisture which optimizes soil conditions for seed germinate, improving and accelerating plant growth.

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