Vermiculite is used to impart a high degree of fire protection in many industrial and construction applications. Its low density and impressive insulation properties make it useful in:

  • Building boards
  • Fire door cores
  • Encased ductwork
  • Steel building elements
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Cementitious spray
  • And more

If it can’t stand the heat…add vermiculite!

Because vermiculite platelets are inorganic, vermiculite can be used as a high-temperature coating, binder, or filler in construction materials, gaskets, specialty papers, and high-temperature textiles. It can impart fire-resistance and upgrade the service temperature of the end product.

Coatings of vermiculite on fiberglass textiles have been shown to increase the service temperatures up to 1100C. These materials have found use in applications including safety fabrics, safety clothing, and thermal insulation.

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