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Dicaperl LD 1106

Perlite: Milled Expanded Perlite

Absorbents, Filtration

Perlite filter aids are produced by controlled milling and size classification of expanded perlite. A prerequisite for the production of good quality perlite filter aids is a high-quality perlite ore. Most perlite ores are not satisfactory for filter aid production. Perlite filter aids are often touted for their 25% more filtering capacity. An outstanding characteristic of perlite filter aids is that they weigh 20% less than standard diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aids. Four pounds of perlite filter aid has the same bulk (volume) as five pounds of DE filter aid, and give the same filtering results in many applications. Hence, pound for pound, perlite filter aids often give you 25% greater filtering capacity, resulting in savings in filter aid usage of 20 – 30%. All but three of Dicaperl’s industry-leading perlite filter aids are direct run products, ensuring control of the product, density, and flow rate by expansion, milling, and separation of particle size.

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