Dicaflock cellulose is an excellent filter aid and is preferred when the application requires resistance to very high pH values or when a sustainable wood-derived filter aid is preferred.

Dicaflock is powdered cellulose is made by processing pulp from fibrous materials, like wood or cotton. It consists of threadlike particles that disperse rapidly in water and is a white, odorless substance.

When dry, the white or bleached grades are at least 99.5% pure cellulose. It is available in various grades, ranging from a dense, free-flowing powder to a course, fluffy, non-flowing material.

Applications of Dicaflock

  • Binder, texturizer, and thickening agent in products, such as latex paints, texture, and adhesive compounds
  • Ceramics products as a burn-out agent and to provide controlled porosity
  • Plasticizer, bulking agent, arc intensifier, absorbent, and lubricant
  • Thermoset resins for injection molding and rubber compounds, ranging from floor tiles to shoe soles

Benefits of Dicaflock

  • Improves dimensional stability
  • Impacts strength and drying rate of stable foams
  • Reduces green shrinkage
  • Virtually ashless

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