Dicalite Speedplus is flux-calcined in which the calcination process is heated at temperatures above 1500° F ensuring all product is free of organic matter. Our flux-calcined diatomaceous earth is processed and purified in a rotary kiln with the addition of a natural fluxing agent to increase agglomeration.

SpeedPlus is Used in a Variety of Markets:

  • Beverage Filtration (beer, wine, and juices)
  • Environmental (stormwater and wastewater filtration, ecology embankments, media filter drains)
  • Food Production (sugar, sweeteners, and gelatin)
  • Renewable fuels/Motor Oil Processing (soy, corn, palm oils, and animal fats)

Benefits of Dicalite Speedplus are:

  • Easy cake release
  • Chemically inert characteristics makes it safe for filtering water or other liquids intended for human consumption.
  • Low density
  • Particle shapes and consistency
  • Reduces particulates of a wide range of sizes

Our Speedplus is approved by several government agencies as a food and beverage processing aid.

Regulatory approvals:

  • FDA
  • FCC / “Food-grade”
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)

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