Filter Aids

Perlite’s low density, availability, performance, cost, and environmental footprint make it an essential filtration aid in many industries.

Benefits of Perlite Filter Aids

Ease of Application

Experience in a variety of applications has shown users can easily switch their current filtration media to a perlite filter aid economically and without sacrificing performance.

Inert State

Perlite is naturally inert, so no tastes, colors, or odors are transferred to the filtered product.


Perlite filters are virtually insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Solubility in strong alkaline solutions varies, depending on temperature and contact time.

Usable with Standard Equipment

It can be used with either pressure or vacuum filtration equipment.

Less Weight, Same Volume

Perlite filter aids can weigh as much as 50% less than the other types of filter media, allowing for the same volume of filter cake with much less weight.


Use perlite on a one-to-one volume basis to replace another filter aid.


Perlite filter aids are also revered for the end of the filtration process; the filter cakes remain porous and do not compact.

Perlite Filter Aids Products and Applications

Product TDSPermability (PFRV)Production FacilityApplication
41615-35Crawfordsville, INBeer Body Feed, Poly Filler, Seed Coating
416T9-25Thomaston, MEBeer Body Feed, Poly Filler, Seed Coating
43650-65Crawfordsville, INCutting Water, Oil recycling, Seed Coating, Texturing Paints
45665-80Crawfordsville, INTexturing as a Filler
47680-95Crawfordsville, INBeet Sugar, Wastewater Filtration
476 SP95-105Crawfordsville, INActivated Carbon Removal, Beer Precoat, Beet Sugar, Wastewater Filtration
4106105-120Crawfordsville, IN, Thomaston, MEActivated Carbon Removal, Beet Sugar, Wastewater Filtration
4156120-140Crawfordsville, IN, Thomaston, MEOil Completion Fluids, Process Chemical Filtration, Wastewater Filtration
4158190-250Crawfordsville, INChemicals Filtration, Corn Syrups
LD 100695-130Crawfordsville, INOil Completion Fluids, Process Chemical Filtration, Wastewater Filtration
LD1106120-150Crawfordsville, INChemicals Filtration, Corn Syrups
LD1106T160-190Crawfordsville, INConcrete Wall Boards
Swimming Pool--Crawfordsville, INFiltration

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