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Verxite granules are totally inorganic. They are free from biological contaminants such as bacteria, yeast, molds or enzymes which could degrade the quality and nutritional performance of animal feed concentrates supplements, premixes or finished feeds.

Long Shelf Life

Chemically inert, Verxite granules will not oxidize or decompose with the passage of time. This characteristic should enhance stability and shelf life in feeds or other organic mixtures.

High Capacity

Soybean millfeeds will normally “carry” an equal weight of feed additive, but other common feed components—such as wheat middlings, flaxseed meals, and corncob fractions—are generally limited to two-thirds their weight in carrying capacity. Verxite granules can significantly extend the capacity of a feed mix since each granule will usually absorb up to three times its own weight in additives.

Even Distribution

The basic composition, size, and weight of Verxite granules aid the uniform dispersion of carried additives throughout a feed mix.

Versatile Verxite

In addition to their additive-carrying capabilities, Verxite granules are useful as anti-caking and blending agents, as pelleting aids, and as bulking agents for restricting caloric intake. They can be compacted or compressed with or without an additive content. And they are effective anticaking agents in feeds containing hygroscopic components such as urea, blackstrap molasses, fish solubles, and choline chloride.

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