Dicaperl Minerals LLC, a subsidiary of Dicalite Management Group is implementing a Temporary Energy Surcharge on its Perlite Ore product lines.

Temporary Energy Surcharges

The extreme volatility in natural gas prices is creating an unprecedented impact on our business and we are doing everything possible to ensure continuity of supply. Unfortunately, we must institute this surcharge to cover a portion of the incremental energy increases we are absorbing each month. We want to emphasize that this surcharge is temporary and will only be in place during times of extreme fuel oil prices. More details:

The energy surcharge will apply to all shipments from our Socorro, NM operation. The effective date is for orders shipping on or after April 1, 2022, including existing orders that are already scheduled for shipment on or after that date. There is no surcharge for May 2024 shipments. The surcharge for June 2024 shipments will be determined using the average costs/MMBtu in April 2024.

Perlite Ore – Summary of Energy Surcharges

  • There is no surcharge for the month of May 2024
  • Invoicing mechanism: Will be reflected on a separate invoice line
  • The surcharge amount will be automatically updated on orders each consecutive month
  • The surcharge calculation will be based on the average price at the close of each month listed for the Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price index. This information is listed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).
  • The invoiced surcharge amount for each incremental natural gas cost is in the chart below

Quality, service, and reliability remain our focus for serving our customers now and in the future. We thank you for your business and look forward to providing you with many more years of excellent customer service. Please contact your Sales Manager for any questions you may have.

Perlite Ore – 2024 Energy Surcharges
MonthSurcharge Per Ton *Natural Gas $ / MMBtu by Month
January$0/short ton$3.18/MMBtu
February$0/short ton$1.72 /MMBtu
March$0/short ton
April$0/short ton 
May$0/short ton 
Perlite Ore – 2023 Energy Surcharges
MonthSurcharge Per Ton *Natural Gas $ / MMBtu by Month
January$1.35/short ton$3.27/MMBtu
February$1.65/short ton$2.38/MMBtu
March$0/short ton$2.31/MMBtu
April$0/short ton$2.16/MMBtu
May$0/short ton$2.15/MMBtu
June$0/short ton$2.18/MMBtu
July$0/short ton$2.55/MMBtu
August$0/short ton$2.58/MMBtu
September$0/short ton$2.64/MMBtu
October$0/short ton$2.98/MMBtu
November$0/short ton$2.71/MMBtu
December$0/short ton$2.52/MMBtu

*Please note that each month’s surcharge is based on the gas price of 2 months prior.

Perlite Ore – 2022 Energy Surcharges
MonthSurcharge Per Ton *Natural Gas $ / MMBtu by Month
April$1.05/short ton$6.60/MMBtu
May$1.05/short ton$8.14/MMBtu
June$2.25/short ton$7.70/MMBtu
July$3.15/short ton$7.28/MMBtu
August$2.85/short ton$8.81/MMBtu
September$2.55/short ton$7.88/MMBtu
October$3.45/short ton$5.66/MMBtu
November$2.85/short ton$5.45/MMBtu
December$1.65/short ton$5.53/MMBtu

*Please note that each month’s surcharge is based on the gas price of 2 months prior.

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