Swim Pool Liners

Double or triple the lifetime of your vinyl pool with vermiculite swim pool liners.

Swim Pool LinerWhen combined with portland cement, finer grades of exfoliated vermiculite provide a base for swimming pool vinyl liners. This combination is used extensively in North America to stop the migration of stones which might puncture the vinyl liner, plus it accommodates movements in the water table. The use of vermiculite creates a smooth, soft, durable pool surface.

Why use Vermiculite in a Pool Liner Base?

Pool installers, property owners and pool owners everywhere can immediately tell the difference between pool liner base mixtures without Vermiculite versus those that are installed with Specialty Vermiculite’s Concrete Pool Base Aggregate. The obvious and clear differences are the ones you feel: swimmers all over the world will notice a tough, dry pool liner without vermiculite. And as a result of the hard liner, swimmers often come in contact with blisters and sores on their feet. When Specialty Vermiculite’s Concrete Pool Base Aggregate is a used as a precision-mixed blend, pool installers can almost guarantee property owners and pool owners will experience a textured, smooth surface finish. Outside of the easy installation and non-abrasive advantages, pool installers don’t have to worry about the ongoing liner maintenance compared to pools installed with packed sand or sand concrete bases which are subject to breaking.

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