Is Consuming Diatomaceous Earth Good for Your Health?

DE-mything Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefit Claims

Diatomaceous Earth in bowl

Many blogs and articles across the internet claim the superior health benefits of diatomaceous earth. While perhaps not untrue, there are few studies that substantiate the safe use of diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement that improves health. Often times, these observations of improved health are anecdotal.

Is diatomaceous earth safe for consumption?

There is Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) grade, often mislabelled as “food-grade” diatomaceous earth, which meets the standards necessary for filtration of consumable products. There are many claims on the internet that consuming it raw—generally with a glass of water—is good for your health. Many of these “health benefits” claims have to do with the silica content of diatomaceous earth, which can be consumed in other, tested ways. These diatomaceous earth health claims include:

It detoxes your body.

Some people recommend diatomaceous earth as a detox mechanism. They claim it is consumed daily for a period of time then decreased to a few times a week. Dr. Axe, a website that believes “food is medicine,” gives the explanation that “diatomaceous earth is used to kill parasites and viruses that can contribute to illnesses while also helping to clean the blood.” While this may be true in the form of Natural Diatomaceous Earth in animal feed additives, Dicalite Management Group does not condone Dr. Axe’s anecdotal use of DE. The issue is that this claim suggests that consuming Food Chemicals Codex grade diatomaceous earth is a safe method for detoxing, and the silica content is important for the process.

It improves arthritis pain.

Once again, silica is referenced as a key addition to a diet to improve arthritis issues.

It strengthens nails and hair.

Along with gelatin and biotin, silica (like that in diatomaceous earth) is essential for building strong, healthy nails and hair. This claim involves the silica content, not the actual mineral.

Statement of the International Diatomite Producers Association (IDPA) on the Advertising of Diatomaceous Earth Products for Unregistered or Unapproved Uses

Dicalite Management Group is a proud member of the Industrial Minerals Association – North America (IMA-NA), International Diatomite Producers Association (IDPA). We stand by and support the position held by the IDPA:

Diatomaceous earth products labelled as Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) grade or listed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are mainly for food-contact items and food processing aids.  The designation of FCC-grade or listing of diatomaceous earth as GRAS does not reflect a material or product is appropriate as a component of food for human consumption.  There is no reference in the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21) for the use of diatomaceous earth as a direct food additive.

By issuing this common statement, IDPA member companies urge downstream customers to comply with relevant laws and regulations in their advertising and to register or obtain approval of their diatomaceous earth products, if necessary.

Diatomaceous earth is a proven mineral.

There are hundreds of studies that explain the researched, tested, and proven uses of diatomaceous earth.  To learn about the proven uses of diatomaceous earth, contact us today at 866-728-3303. Our sales and technical services teams are standing by to answer questions you have about this miraculous mineral and to provide information about the variety of uses that cover many industries and needs.

Like with any product, diet, or exercise, read the product label first and discuss the benefits and risks with a doctor or industry professional.

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