Six Reasons Perlite Is the Most Sustainable Soil Media


Perlite is one of nature’s most versatile and efficient minerals. It is formed by molten (magmatic) rock, also known as volcanic glass. It acts as a lightweight, non-organic, soil conditioner for commercial growers, landscapers, and home gardeners alike, providing numerous benefits. Here’s why it’s the most sustainable soil media on the market:

1. No expiration date

Because perlite is inorganic, it remains stable and doesn’t compose or break down. It won’t mold or attract pests, making it virtually timeless.

2. Lightweight for easy storage and use

Perlite is a lightweight soil media that is power-packed with benefits. Because of its light weight, it is easier to handle and store.

3. Water Retention

When perlite is heated rapidly in industrial furnaces, the volcanic glass softens, causing the entrapped water molecules to turn to steam and expand the perlite particles—much like popcorn—increasing it’s volume up to 20 times its original size. This extra space absorbs water, helping keep roots moist and preventing over-watering.

4. Prevents the need for other additives and chemicals

Horticultural perlite is free of organic contaminants, making it naturally pest- and disease-proof, preventing the need of chemicals required to prevent and treat pests and diseases. Plus, it has an ideal pH range of 6.5 to 7.5, so you will not have to use other products to balance the pH.

5. Improved Aeration

Adding this lightweight media to your soil breaks up compacted areas for better water drainage. Plus, it has a high displacement and volume capacity.

6. Vast Uses

What if you had one soil media mix for all your horticulture needs? That’s perlite. One product means less time buying, less time storing, and a predictable crop. Here are just a few ways it’s used:

  • Propagating
  • Potting Soils
  • Stadium turn
  • Golf course turf
  • Lawns
  • Hydroponic crops (tomatoes, bell peppers, chillies, and more)
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Bulb and tuber storage
  • Garden beds
  • Cannabis growing

Get a Free Sample of Aero-Soil, Dicalite Management Group‘s Soil Media Mix

Dicaperl’s Aero-Soil horticultural perlite is an easy-to-use, lightweight, sterile soil conditioner that is beneficial for commercial growers, landscapers, and home gardeners. And when you work with you, you don’t only get all the sustainability benefits of perlite, you get an entire team behind your purchase. We own and operate the most extensive perlite mining operation in North America: the Socorro perlite deposit located in New Mexico, and unlike most perlite companies, we own and operate our perlite ore mining operations and processing and expansion facilities. This allows us to maintain a much higher level of quality and consistency control and ensures volume and supply for our perlite ore and expanded perlite customers. Call us at 866-728-3303 for a free quote.

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