June is National Safety Month

Tips for Staying Safe at Work & Home

As summer heats up, more people engage in outdoor activities for work and play. From construction projects to backyard barbeques, the busier it gets, the more important safety becomes. As we celebrate National Safety Month in June, lets recognize and encourage safety procedures at work, at home, and throughout our community. We can make safety a priority this month and every month by learning about some of the ways to promote safety by using minerals.

Personal Protective Equipment

One of the main safety concerns in any home or workspace is protecting the people who reside or work there. Employers are required to provide a hazard-free environment no matter if it’s an office space or area with heavy machinery. If the job requires working with potentially hazardous materials, there’s a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to help create a safe shield. One of the goals of National Safety Month is to encourage proper use of this equipment. PPE comes in many forms, including clothing and accessories designed to protect a person’s:

  • face, ears, and eyes from blowing particles and caustic materials
  • hands and feet from sharp objects, hot surfaces, and electrical components
  • head from falling or flying objects
  • hearing from loud machinery
  • respiratory system from airborne toxins

PPE is made from high-performance plastic that can be modified by adding fillers such as glass fibers or minerals.

Fire-Resistant Construction Using Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a non-hazardous, hydrated magnesium aluminum sheet that’s closely related to mica; therefore, it has all of the thermal and chemical resistance mica is known for, including fire resistance. Since vermiculite is excellent at retaining moisture, any heat it comes in contact with turns to steam. This has a cooling effect instead of fanning the flames.

Not only does Dicalite’s MicroLite vermiculite dispersions have high-temperature resistance, but it’s also easy to use. The formula contains proprietary binders that allow for direct application on fabrics and other industrial materials to provide a fire-rated product. With its low density, high fire-resistance, and impressive insulation properties, it’s a flexible option for a range of applications such as:

  • aqueous paint and coating
  • automotive and aerospace fabrics
  • building boards
  • cementitious spray
  • encased ductwork
  • fire door cores
  • fireproof fabrics
  • gypsum plasterboard
  • steel building elements
  • thermal textiles
  • and more

For many applications, the inorganic vermiculite coatings won’t release harmful vapors or fumes when exposed to heat or flame, making this product even safer.

Celebrate National Safety Month with MicroLite PPE

MicroLite water-based coatings are a family of patented products that provide a safe, environmentally friendly method for improving the heat and fire resistance of textiles. This makes the product ideal for the following applications:

  • barrier coatings on films
  • fiberglass textiles
  • fire-resistant fabrics
  • packing materials
  • sound deadening insulation
  • thermal insulation

Some of the benefits of MicroLite include:

  • adds fire-resistant properties
  • highly customizable and can be tailored to your needs
  • offers a high temperature coating, binder, or filler in various applications
  • limits gas exchange in plastic packaging
  • makes products such as gaskets or packing materials easier to seal

When it comes to safety equipment, the types of materials you use makes a big difference in effectiveness. So you want to make sure the products fit your needs.

Protecting Your Home and Business

In addition to safeguarding yourself and those around you, you want to make sure the environment is equally as safe. With the rise of wildfires and fire-related incidents, preventing damage to home and businesses starts with the right construction.

Some states have put more guidelines in place for building fire-resistant structures. Any new construction must use materials tested to provide at least an hour of fire resistance. Luckily, building materials are being produced that contain minerals like vermiculite that can stand up to the heat.

Absolute Zero Safety Program

Safety wasn’t always a concern in the workplace, even in the most volatile environments like mining. As an industrial minerals company, Dicalite Management Group employs hundreds of workers within five mining locations. Safety measures are of an utmost concern, as is streamlining the process to ensure our programs and policies are properly carried out. Our goal of Absolute Zero accidents starts with the ABC’s of Safety: Always Be Careful. That’s why we launched a new program in 2021 with the following objectives:

  • develop a proactive safety culture
  • improve and maintain compliance and record-keeping obligations
  • instill a sense of ownership and pride in safety measures
  • reduce injury rates

In order to reach these goals, we’ve put new processes in place to improve training of new hires and current employees every year, managing and reporting incidents, staffing temps and contractors, and increasing effective communication and action.

Here are a few ways we’re currently working toward our safety goals during National Safety Month and beyond:

  • document and track training for all employees
  • improving signage and renewals
  • risk analysis at the beginning of a project
  • standard operating procedures for processes and equipment
  • tracking incident and injury rates, identifying trends, and implementing corrective actions

Dicalite Management Group partnered with Arbill Team, leading experts in workplace safety, to create Absolute Zero. We’re working together to provide quality PPE, tracking software, and updated training programs to surpass government guidelines and make our working environment as safe as possible. We have a library of Safety Data Sheets that detail how to use our products in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Safety is our top priority, and not only during National Safety Month. We encourage you to speak up if your current situation doesn’t feel safe and seek ways to help prevent injuries. Contact us for more information about our MicroLite Vermiculite Dispersions and try a free sample. Let’s work together to create healthier, safer environments in our work, home, and community.

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