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Dicalite Management Group Launches Product Search Database

Dicalite Management Group Launches Product Search Database

Find Your Industrial Mineral Solution
Finding your mineral solution is easier than ever. Check out our new Product Search Database to find which product is right for you and get the Technical Data Sheet needed to make an informed decision.
How Perlite Is Used for Hydroponic Gardens

How Perlite Is Used for Hydroponic Gardens

Vegetables Grow Best with Perlite
Learn how perlite can be used in hydroponic gardens. This mineral provides the proper nutrients for a number of wintertime vegetation in greenhouses.
How Oven Gaskets Play a Role in Keeping Your Family Safe This Thanksgiving

Oven Gaskets

How They Keep Your Family Safe
In honor of Thanksgiving, we're
Dicalite Supports OSU HALE Team with Cryogenic Perlite Donation

Dicalite Supports OSU High Altitude Liquid Engine Team

With a Cryogenic Perlite Donation
We learned about Oregon State University HALE team's plan to win the B11 Space Challenge — a race to the Karman Line using a single-stage rocket. We supported their goal with a donation of cryogenic perlite.
Dicalite Management Group, an international industrial minerals company, announced today that it is implementing a 4% price increase on all Diatomaceous Earth (DE) product lines including flux-calcined, calcined, and natural DE grades.
Perlite plays a role in storing super-cold cryogenic fluids like hydrogen and helium. Did you know it's also used in the fascinating medical field of cryonics?
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