Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous Earth

Filter Media and Filter Aids

Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous EarthFlux-calcined diatomaceous earth is processed and purified in a rotary kiln in the same fashion as our calcined diatomaceous earth with the addition of a natural fluxing agent to further increase agglomeration. Because of its higher permeabilities, it can be used to remove impurities at very high filtration flow rates.

It can also be used as a filler in the same applications as our natural diatomaceous earth products where higher abrasion, a brighter color, and larger particle sizes are required by the application. The characteristic bright white color is produced by a reaction between the fluxing agent (a salt) and the natural minerals in diatomaceous earth.

Our flux-calcined diatomaceous earth is manufactured exclusively at our Burney, California location. In continuous operation since 1985, this location has one of the highest quality commercial diatomite sources in the world.

Product Highlight: Dicalite 4200

Dicalite 4200 is what in the industry is termed a “direct-run” product. This means that the plant is able to produce the product as the desired product coming out of the kiln. As such the properties of the Dicalite 4200 can be directly controlled ensuring less variation in product parameters. Many other high-flow rate DE products are actually by-products, and not the direct run (or primary) product. By-products are produced in less quantity, and with lesser quality than a direct run product. In addition, it is more difficult to control the product parameters which translates into a wider variation in product quality, and therefore less quality control. The high-grade diatomaceous earth mined from the deposit at our Burney, CA location, in addition to the direct run processing, means that products like Dicalite 4200 are more consistent on our customers’ filters allowing less adjustment due to diatomaceous earth variations. This allows the customer to focus efforts on process variations without concern for the additional variations from their filter aid.

Dicalite Flux-Calcined Grades

Product Permeability (Darcies) Production Facility Application
341 0.49-0.73 Burney, Ca. Medium Filtration
Speedplus 0.73-1.1 Burney, Ca. Medium Filtration
375 1.1-1.44 Burney, Ca. Medium Filtration
Speedex 1.44-1.96 Burney, Ca. Medium/Coarse Filtration
2500 1.96-2.73 Burney, Ca. Coarse Filtration
Swim-Pool 1.96-3.61 Burney, Ca. Swimming Pool Filtration
4200 2.73-3.61 Burney, Ca. Coarse Filtration
4500 3.61-4.41 Burney, Ca. Coarse Filtration
5000 4.41-5.29 Burney, Ca. Coarse Filtration
6000 6.76-9.0 Burney, Ca. Very Coarse Filtration
7000 8.5-11.5 Burney, Ca. Very Coarse Filtration

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