Industrial Vermiculite #3 & #4

Industrial Vermiculite #3Our thermally expanded Industrial Vermiculite #3 & #4 have a multitude of uses as a specialty raw material, thanks to the unique combination properties, like low bulk density, heat- and fire-resistance, superior absorbency, and chemical inertness. Its uses include:

Insulating aggregate

  • Lightweight refractory brick and castables
  • U.L. rated doors, safes, and cabinets
  • Ladle insulation
  • Metallurgical processing

General purpose filler

  • Industrial composites
  • Friction materials
  • Lightweight concrete

Carrier and bulking agent

  • Lightweight fertilizers
  • Animal feed


  • Chemical packaging
  • Spill clean-up
  • Cushioning fragile items

Industrial Vermiculite is a better choice than common chemical carriers.

Our Industrial Vermiculite is distinguished from most common chemical carriers because of its low bulk density and high surface area. Vermiculite has a unique structure which enables absorption interstitially—between layers—as well as on the surface of the particle.

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