Vermiculite Ore Concentrate

VCXVCX vermiculite ore concentrate has an impressive combination of properties that make it an ideal insulator, flame-resistant additive, and additive in coatings, plastics, and a variety construction-related and industrial materials. It is available in three product grades, each having a different particle size range.

VCX’s Unique Qualities


VCX vermiculite is inorganic, a key reason it does not burn and provides excellent heat resistance.

Expands When Exposed to Heat

In addition, it is intumescent, expanding many times in volume when exposed to heat causing it to protect the material underneath or sealing a gap in the event of a fire.

Chemically Inert

VCX is chemically inert and exhibits definite cation exchange capabilities.

Ensured Consistency

We own and operate the mine and processing center at our Enoree, South Carolina location to ensure product consistency and high purity.

VCX Uses

Expanded Vermiculite Products

It can be used as a raw material to produce exfoliated (expanded) vermiculite products, including:

  • Insulation
  • Absorbents
  • Lightweight aggregates/fillers
  • Components of horticultural products

Fire-Rated Building Products

In fire-rated building products, VCX’s expansion under fire conditions compensates for the water loss of other ingredients, prolonging the product’s structural integrity.

Heat Protection

It is used in composites subjected to heat or fire, where its intumescent action provides an insulating thermal barrier.

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