A Look at Perlite and Sustainability


We know you want to feel good about the service you are doing for the world. We do too, which is why we are proud to share the details about perlite’s sustainability with you.

Perlite Protects the Environment.

Perlite applications span over many industries, many of which use it as a way to protect the environment. For example:

  • Perlite works as a filter to clean stormwater runoff and hazardous waste spills to prevent contamination of local rivers and fish habitats
  • It is used in nurseries and greenhouses as a substitute for native mineral soil, which helps preserve the world’s topsoil
  • Perlite helps with water conservation in horticultural and agricultural applications

It Encourages Wise Energy Use.

Expanded perlite has excellent thermal qualities. It is used as insulation in high temperature and supercooled applications. The construction industry to insulate floors, roofs, and walls. Plus, it is added to finished products to make them lighter weight and easier to ship.

There Is Minimal Waste.

Because only the physical form is altered, perlite does not create by-products during processing. All perlite size particles are used, so none goes to waste. And expanded perlite ships in bulk trucks or in reusable bulk bags wherever possible to minimize packaging waste and reduce the impact on landfills.

Conscious Mining Practices

Even the best natural resources can cause trouble for the environment when they are mined. Perlite is a different story. In the past 60 years, less than 1% of the known perlite reserves have been used, and the global perlite industry actively mines a total of less than 3 square miles, only a small fraction of what is available. When it is mined, there is little overburden to manage, minimal waste, and limited environmental impact. In addition, no chemicals are used in the processing of perlite.

Choose Sustainability. Work with Dicaperl.

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