How to Choose the Right Pool Filter Media


Few things ruin a dip in the pool more than dirty water filled with particles and filth. Finding the right filter media for your pool is a difficult choice to make with three popular options on the market. Here’s what you should know about each to help you make an informed decision:

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media

About Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomite has a very small particle size, a high porosity, and crystalline structure, making it an excellent filtration medium. It is an effective, common choice for pool filters.

How Much It Filters: Diatomaceous earth filters are the most efficient type of all options. It traps particles down to an impressive three to five microns. This happens to be well below what humans can see (around 35 microns). That means your pool is crystal clear.

It’s Natural: Your family is safe from dangerous contaminations when you use Diatomaceous earth filters. Should there ever be a tear and you find DE particles, you can feel comfortable knowing your family will not get sick from exposure.

You can feel good about where DE comes from: Diatomaceous earth is sustainable, constantly regenerating, and “removes” as much carbon dioxide as all the rainforests in the world combined.

Sand Filters

About Sand Filters: The sand used in a pool filter is #20 silica sand that’s approximately 45 to 55 millimeters.

How Much It Filters: It’s designed to trap particles in the 20- to 100-micron range. When it’s at its most efficient, you won’t be able to see particles in your pool. However, when it’s not working as well as it can, your pool will still show some particles. Surprisingly, the more the filter collects dirt, the more effective it becomes.

Sand Filter Concerns: This filter often becomes mudballed, which is when it contains small clumps of oil gunk. It can also become “channeled,” meaning water runs straight through without being filtered. And it’s probably not your best option if you have hard water because it calcifies with calcium deposits, turning the sand inside into sandstone.

Cartridge Filters

About Cartridge Filters: This type of filter is made from spun polyester. It’s pleated and wrapped around a heavy plastic or PVC core.

How Much It Filters: Similar to sand, it traps dirt and particles of 25- to 100-microns in size. This means you might have some clarity issues with your pool.

How Long They Last: Cartridge filters can last anywhere between one and five years, depending on size and type of debris it has to filter.

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Dicalite Makes Choosing the Right Filter Media Crystal Clear

Diatomaceous Earth filter media is the most efficient type of filter media available to pool owners. It can trap particles down to 3-5 microns; (well below the naked eye can see which is around 35 microns) removing particles 10 times smaller than what a typical sand filter will remove!

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