Good News for This Year’s Wine Crush!


It’s officially the time of year called the Wine Crush. It’s when the grapes should be the perfect ripeness for harvesting for wine. Unfortunately, the crop is not successful every year, and this year, the predictions were bleak; the weather wasn’t cooperative and wildfires posed great risks. Surprisingly, and thankfully, it was a success! That’s good news for us here at Dicalite Management Group, not only because we are fans of wine (we are!), but because diatomaceous earth plays a big part in the wine-making process.

Diatomaceous Earth and the Wine Crush

When you open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass, you’ll look for a smooth drink without any particles floating around. Those floaters tend to be gelatinous or deformable materials, including yeast, bacterial cells, and many colloids. Gross! Thankfully, diatomaceous earth is a natural filter aid used to make wine and other drinks smooth and particle free. It is a great choice for vintners because the pores within and between the cell walls of diatomaceous earth are so small, they trap bacteria, clay particles, some viruses, and other suspended solids from liquids.

Diatomaceous earth filters can be used alone or as the second step in the filtering process. Screens or pre-filters are sometimes used first to eliminate larger particles before reaching the diatomaceous earth filter.

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