Dicalite Management Group Expands Commercial Presence at Industry Tradeshows

Where We’ll be in 2020


Dicalite Management Group commits to supporting industry organizations and exhibiting at a variety of shows in 2020. With a wide mineral offering of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and vermiculite, there are many ways to leverage the strengths of each mineral. Here’s where you’ll find us this year.

Dicalite Management Group 2020 Tradeshow Schedule

National Biodiesel Conference – January 20th through 23rd – DONE

Conference topic: The National Biodiesel Conference brings together industry professionals to share information about renewable fuel offerings, production, and news.

Conference location: Tampa, Florida

Why we went: Dicalite Management Group went to this conference to share information about how perlite and diatomaceous earth can be used for filtering renewable fuels.

Northeast Pool and Spa Show – January 28th through 30th – DONE

Conference topic: The Northeast Pool and Spa Show provides pool and spa training, product exploration, and connects industry professionals.

Conference location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Why we went: We were there to share more information about how mineral pool filter media outperform other options.

AFIA Purchasing & Ingredient Suppliers Conference: March 17th through 19th

Conference topic: The AFIA Conference addresses changes taking place in the feed ingredient industry, in animal agriculture as a whole and consumer-driven impacts on the industry.

Conference location: Seattle, Washington

Why we are attending: We will be there to educate industry professionals about how diatomaceous earth and Verxite can improve your animal feed.

AOCS – April 26th through 29th –  Booth 308

Conference topic: The AOCS Conference provides a platform for industry professionals to learn and share current and emerging information about oils, fats, lipids, proteins, and more.

Conference location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Why we are attending: We will be there to educate industry professionals about how diatomaceous earth and perlite can be used in edible oil processing.

Techtextil – May 12th through 14th – Booth 2948

Conference topic: The Techtextil Conference provides a platform for professionals who deal with technical textiles and nonwovens to learn about research and development, production processes, further treatment, and recycling.

Conference location: Atlanta, Georgia

Why we are attending: We will be there to educate industry professionals about how MicroLite can be used to improve textile properties.

Cultivate’20 – July 11th through 14th

Conference topic: The Cultivate’20 Conference brings together horticulture professionals to introduce new plants, innovative tools, and teach best practices.

Conference location: Columbus, Ohio

Why we are attending: We will be there to educate industry professionals about perlite and vermiculite soil amendments.

Keep in Touch with Dicalite Management Group.

We have a busy year ahead, and we’d like you to come see us at the conferences. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get updates about where we are, what we’re presenting, and how to find us. Don’t have plans to attend a conference this year? Our knowledgable team is always standing by, ready to answer your questions about our mineral offerings. And we’d be happy to send you a free sample. Call us today at 866-728-3303.

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