Specialty Vermiculite Dispersions for High Temperature Applications


Vermiculite dispersions are inorganic and can be used to impart a high degree of fire protection in many industrial and construction applications. It can also upgrade the service temperature of the end product. Its low density and impressive insulation properties make it useful in many high-temperature applications.


Exfoliated vermiculite is often used in the core of fire doors, to build fire barriers, encase ductwork, and protect steel building elements from the effects of fire. It is also used in the production of fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard. Many commercial and industrial structural steel fire protection products use exfoliated vermiculite to impart a high degree of fire resistance.

The Vermiculite Association explains, “Exfoliated vermiculite is very efficient at retaining moisture, and in the event of a fire this turns to steam which has a cooling effect on the steel substrate and thus delays its temperature rise.”


The easy application of MicroLite vermiculite dispersions and our proprietary binders allow for direct application on fabrics and other industrial materials to provide a fire-rated material. Coatings of vermiculite on fiberglass textiles have been shown to increase the service temperatures up to 1100°C. These materials have found use in applications including safety fabrics, safety clothing, and thermal insulation.

Have you seen thermal blankets marketed as fire-resistant? They may be coated with MicroLite!

MicroLite Vermiculite Dispersions

Our MicroLite is produced by the chemical exfoliation of vermiculite. It is available as both a free-flowing dry powder and as aqueous colloidal dispersions. The vermiculite dispersions fall into two broad categories: unformulated and formulated products. The unformulated products consist only of vermiculite and water. They are highly heat- and flame-resistant and produce virtually no off-gassing or smoke. In addition, these products are salt-free, and therefore are ideal for use in end products where corrosion is a concern.

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