Basalt, Nevada

Dicalite Natural DE is mined and processed at our facility in Basalt, Nevada USA.

Natural DE is mined, dried, and sized without further processing. The color of natural DE ranges from bright off-white, to a light tan color.

The uses for Dicalite Natural DE are myriad and include:

  • Seed Coatings
  • Pesticide/Insecticide Carriers
  • Polishing Compounds
  • Soil Amendments
  • Mild Abrasive Applications
  • Animal Feed Additives
  • Dessicants Coatings

For further information on Dicalite Natural DE Products please contact us.

  • Hwy 6, West
    Basalt, NV 89049, USA
  • Customer Service

Sales Contacts

Western Territory
Anna Gallegos

Canada / Central U.S.
Brian Colbert
905-302-5824, 705-375-5823

East/South East Region U.S.
Donna Frassrand Chatfield

Northeast U.S. 
Don Verrico

Export Sales Manager
Shelby McArthur

Corporate Sales
M. Bryce Greenley