Basalt, Nevada

Basalt History

In 1945 Dicalite Company purchased the mining claims in Basalt, Nevada from the U.S. Diatom Company. We currently own and operate the plant and it’s the fourth oldest continually operated mine in the state of Nevada.

The Basalt mine is located in the Mina Deflection or southern portion of the Walker Lane Belt which is characterized by shear faulting. It was upon these volcanic formations that an isolated lake bed developed and diatoms flourished. These diatoms are single-celled organisms and typically 50 to 150 microns in size.

Processing of diatomaceous earth to meet customer specifications is as much of an art as it is a science. Most products at Basalt are manufactured to individual customer needs. Processing of the diatomite is done by one of two methods, depending upon the type of product to be produced. Two varieties of diatomaceous earth are made at Basalt: calcined and natural.

Applications and Uses

Dicalite Natural Diatomaceous Earth has a variety of uses in:

For further information on Dicalite Natural Diatomaceous Earth products please contact us below. Calcined and Natural Diatomaceous Earth samples are available upon request.

Basalt, Nevada
  • Hwy 6, West
    Basalt, NV 89049, USA
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Sales Contacts

Central U.S.
Gary Smith

Dicalite Europe
Holger Grosser

Dicalite Export Sales Manager

East/South East Region U.S.
Zachary Galberd

Latin & South Americas
Vêneto Mercantil Ltda.
+55 54 3297 6200

MicroLite Sales
Matt Goecker

Northeast U.S. & Eastern Canada
John H. Polychronopoulos

Western U.S., Asia, Latin & South Americas & Western Canada
Troy Paige

US Great Lakes Region
Zachary Galberd

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