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Dicalite Management Group's 2023 Tradeshow Schedule

Dicalite Management Group is hitting the road again! 2022 has us stopping at tradeshows across many industries to share the numerous ways our diverse mineral offering of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and vermiculite can be used. Whether you’re attending the following 2022 regional and national trade conferences with us or you’re learning from home this year, you can discover the many applications of our minerals.

Find Dicalite at These 2022 Trade Conferences

National Biodiesel Conference & Expo | Booth 21 | Exhibitor and Break Sponsor

Conference Details: January 17-20 in Las Vegas

The biodiesel and renewable diesel industry is growing and changing rapidly. This conference is designed to allow industry leaders to collaborate, educate, and get business done—while also taking some time to enjoy their successes! The National Biodiesel Conference & Expo is hosted by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), which is the national trade association representing the U.S. biodiesel industry.

How Minerals Are Used in the Biodiesel Industry

Diatomaceous earth plays a critical role in biodiesel production. Before feedstock can be converted to biodiesel, it needs to be filtered to remove impurities like phosphorous and soaps that can clog fuel filters and stop the flow of fuel to engines. Diatomaceous earth consisted of billions of minute silica frameworks, making it an ideal filter media for biodiesel production. It is known for:

  • High porosity. The pores within and between the cell walls are so minuscule, they trap bacteria, clay particles, and other impurities, leaving liquids cleaner with drastically reduced solids and contaminant levels.
  • High flow rate. Diatomaceous earth filter cakes extend the flow rate of the material being filtered and prevent clogging.
  • Longer filter cycles. The high solids holding capacity of diatomaceous earth allows for much longer filter cycles than would be possible with other filtration methods.

If you’d like to learn more about using minerals for filtration, download our free e-book A World of Filtration Experience today.

World of Concrete | Attending

Conference Details: January 17-20, Las Vegas Convention Center

World of Concrete is part knowledge, part equipment, and part connections. This conference is designed to help industry professionals navigate disruptions to the supply chain, safety, and more. Attendees have access to advanced technology, machinery, and the latest techniques in concrete and masonry.

How Minerals Are Used in the Construction Industry

Dicaperl Perlite Microspheres are a cost-effective, density-reducing filler for water-or resin-based applications. This volcanic glass product is a cost-efficient, lightweight concrete aggregate solution for cement and stucco. Perlite is a top choice over other aggregates because:

  • Perlite microspheres greatly reduce the overall weight of the product.
  • It is one of the lowest weight options on the market. (The lightest option is expanded vermiculite, another one of our mineral offerings.)
  • It is especially useful for thermal insulation due to its porous microstructure.
  • The alkali-silica reaction for perlite stayed relatively steady over time while the normal-weight reactive sand levels increased significantly.
  • It adsorbs water on the surface while not allowing it to penetrate the sphere.

Pool & Spa Show | Attending

Conference Details: January 25-27 in Atlantic City

This educational conference provides the opportunity to engage with industry peers and learn the latest in the pool and spa industry. All sessions have an interactive format where attendees can ask questions and share their personal experiences. It is hosted by the Northeast Spa & Pool Association.

How Minerals Are Used in the Pool and Spa Industry

DicaPool is a perlite pool filter media. The crushed, expanded perlite particles present a maze of microscopic pathways that remove impurities, leaving water cleaner and clearer. It is a top choice for many pools because:

  • It can filter down to an impressive three microns—well below what the human eye can see.
  • This swimming pool filter media removes impurities at a very high filtration flow rate, helping your filtration system run efficiently.
  • Perlite filters weigh up to 50% less than other types of filter media.
  • It is natural and chemically inert, so no colors or odors are transferred to your swimming pool filter.

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