Happy National Miner’s Day!

Basalt 1930s

As an industrial minerals company, December 6th is an important day for us to recognize; it’s National Miner’s Day, a holiday that honors the industrious men and woman that supply the minerals for the demands of our society. With four mining locations, we employ hundreds of people who deserve to be thanked on this day. These brave men and women work at our four mining locations:

Our miners who work at these locations are at the heart of what we do. Dicalite Management Group wouldn’t be where it is today without their dedication to their work.

The History of How Our Nation Supports Its Miners

National Miner’s Day also gives us the unique opportunity to reflect on the progress being made to support and protector miners.

1891 – Congress passed the first federal statute to govern and regulate mine safety. This included minimal ventilation requirements and age requirements.

1910 – The Bureau of Mines was created in the Department of the Interior to research the 2,000 fatalities in mines each year and reduce accidents. Inspection authority was given in 1941 for regulation purposes.

1952 – The Federal Coal Mine Safety act was created to allow for annual inspections and penalties for coal mines.

1966 – The Federal Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety act of 1966 was passed but had minimal enforcement authority.

1969 – The Coal act was created to strengthen safety and health standards and provide compensation for miners who were permanently disabled.

1973 – The Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration was created to prevent any conflict of interest between the enforcement of mine safety and health standards and the Bureau’s responsibilities for mineral research development.

1977 – Congress passed the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, AKA the Mine Act. This consolidated the health and safety standards of coal and non-coal mines and expanded the rights of miners.

2006 – Congress passed the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act. This act amended the Mine Act to require emergency response plans, regulations regarding mine rescue teams, and other things created with miners’ safety in mind.

To learn more about the history of mine safety and health legislation, visit the United States Department of Labor website.

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