Packaging Surcharge

We have seen an unprecedented rise in packaging costs over the past several months. Our suppliers have passed along increases...

Celebrating Earth Day 2021:

Environmental responsibility is a top priority at Dicalite. In honor of Earth Day, learn what we do to help the earth.

Dicalite Launches Absolute Zero

Learn about Dicalite Management Group's new safety program Absolute Zero. This initiative's goal is to reduce our workplace injuries to zero.

Dicalite Management Group Announces 2021 Price Increases

Dicalite Management Group, an international industrial minerals company, announced today that their Perlite business unit, Dicaperl Minerals LLC, is implementing price increases up to 20% across their perlite ore and expanded perlite products in North America. The increases are effective as of March 1, 2021, or as pricing agreements permit.

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